Do you know the design ideas of these children’s outdoor activities?

The most important place where games take place, the most open place, and the place closest to nature is outdoors. Outdoor activities show children's growth state, and children's brave, independent, dedicated, sunny, healthy and harmonious state in games are particularly important for their growth and development. A child's growth bud must be at a young age, starting from the trees he climbed and the holes he drilled. So, what ideas should be grasped in the design of outdoor activities?

Namely, natural education
Nature supports children to make full use of natural resources to achieve self-growth, and becomes a medium and bridge for exploring the world. As long as it is at the scene of outdoor activities, whether children drill, climb or jump, they are the combination of man and nature, which is the state of "harmony between man and nature" described by ancient Chinese.

Sports personality
Children's exercise in early childhood is by no means limited to the exercise of physical ability, but contains educational treasures of mind, emotion, and even personality and conduct. Children can form a tense and exciting experience and sense of honor in sports. Similarly, the quality of persistence in difficulties can also be obtained in sports, so sports is personality.

Difference is fairness
In the process of outdoor sports, children must be untidy. This difference is not as uniform as collective teaching, which just expresses the fair idea of outdoor activities. As long as every child actively participates in games, they are exploring, developing and learning, that is, showing their participation and interest in games according to their highest level, so games are the fairest development.

That is autonomy level
In the game, every child is independent, and every child is showing his own level of development. He must do something that is consistent with his ability and strength, but slightly higher than the existing level. Children are always creating their own stimulating development in games, so autonomy is hierarchy, and games are the best way for us to teach children and promote their learning.

Emancipation is guidance
The more independent children are, the more they fully release their wishes and interests. Sometimes, silent attention is a kind of encouragement, a kind of tacit knowledge, a kind of support and a kind of promotion of children's games. At the scene of the activity game, when children are independent, let them fully play their own role, which is the best state of the game, so liberation is guidance.

Post time: Jun-16-2022