Classification of indoor children’s playground slides

Slides are standard in indoor children's playgrounds and one of children's favorite play equipment. The slide can not only customize the color and size, but also freely choose different shapes and materials. According to the appearance and difficulty of the slide, we can divide the slides of the indoor children's playground into the following types:
The traditional slide
Here, we collectively refer to ordinary plastic slides as traditional slides. It is made of LLDPE imported engineering plastics, and the color, size, slope and length of the slide can be freely selected. There are single slide, double slide, three slide, and rotating slide styles in appearance. This slide feels comfortable, slides smoothly, has low difficulty, is suitable for young children, and is durable. Therefore, it is also the most widely used slide in children's amusement parks.
2. FRP screw slide
FRP slides mainly exist in spiral slides. Because the height of indoor buildings is generally about 3 meters, the spiral slide can increase the fun and challenge of the slide and solve the limitation brought by the height. Compared to traditional slides, FRP slides are more challenging and suitable for older children. Therefore, it is more suitable for docking with NetDragon, Rainbow Net and other projects.
3. Large open slide
Compared with other types of slides, the main feature of open large slides is that they are wider and can accommodate multiple children to play together at the same time. Moreover, there are no handrails on both sides of the slide, which can also test the balance and coordination ability of the child's body, which is more challenging. If it is a baby who has never played a slide, it is recommended that parents hold and slide together. This is safer. Generally speaking, this slide is the standard for the Million Ocean Ball Pool. Of course, it can also be matched with ocean balls to become part of the indoor children's playground.
4. Devil slide
The devil slide has been popular in the past two years. The Devil's Slide has a steeper slope and longer length than the slide styles above, and is the most challenging of all these slide styles. Now, devil slides have appeared more and more in indoor children's playgrounds, and there is a tendency to replace traditional slides.

Post time: Aug-24-2022